chelsie yacks

senior tennis professional – “under 10” specialist

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Having started playing tennis at the age of 5, Chelsie quickly became a tennis juggernaut in the area. Winning tournaments as early as 8 years old, she was able to play her first national tennis tournament at the age of 10. Continuously playing in older age groups, as a junior, Chelsie found herself playing on the World Team Tennis 16 and under courts as a 14 year old.

Her impressive tennis results allowed her the opportunity to play #1 for her high school and enabled her to go to states each of her 4 years. By the time Chelsie finished high school, she found herself ranked as one of the top 10 juniors in Pennsylvania. With this accomplishment, she had the option of going to many D1 programs, but instead opted to explore an acting career.

This, however, was not the end of her tennis career. She managed to both act, as well as begin her career as a tennis instructor. At the Lancaster Country Club Chelsie was awarded the Jr. Pro Assistant.

After working at LCC for 3 years, Chelsie had decided to make the move to a more prestigious and challenging club (Green  Valley Country Club), which would enable her to teach a wider range of players, from beginners all the way up to seasoned tournament players. All the while, she managed to keep her competitive edge by occasionally playing in tournaments, Chelsie was ranked #1 in both Woman's Open Singles and Mixed Doubles (Middle States) for 2013. By the end of 2014 she ranked 14 in the Nation for mixed doubles. Recently, Chelsie has been competing at the national and international level, playing in both Nationals, as well as, Women's ITF tournaments.

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